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IDEA LOG: September 20, 2013 — The James Gang @ 2:27 pm      

Billiam James, co-founder

Billiam James

Billiam James is an artist, writer, interactive storyteller, and a natural epileptic. What does he care about? People, emotions, and mental health. His mission? To change the way we act, by changing the way we feel… about ourselves, and about each other.

Billiam James is co-founder of The James Gang, which he established in 1989 with his partner Franke James.

In 2012, the James Gang worked with the team at RxISK, Data Based Medicines and Dr. David Healy, to help design and build their website to collect a world-wide database of patient-reported Adverse Drug Reactions. See:

Working with Franke James, he has helped her campaign against her blacklisting by Canada’s Harper Government and create her stories and videos for FSC Canada.

Billam is also the inventor of Verbotomy the daily create-a-word game and comic, which was published in “b”, Baltimore’s free daily newspaper, He is also co-creator with Franke James of office-Politics, the game everyone plays. His work at The James Gang has included interactive projects for the Forest Stewardship Council, Ontario Government, Upper Canada College, Kids4Peace, Umbra, Roots, Sony Music, and Edward de Bono. Billam’s artistic work includes a series of interactive, computer-driven, multimedia installations which have been exhibited in art galleries across Canada. His musical comedy, Control Alt Delete, premiered at Toronto’s Poor Alex Theatre in 1999. His 1986 installation for Guerrilla Tactics included real-time video integration with user input, consumer profiling, and electronic commerce, foreshadowing the biggest trends in technology and communications by almost a decade. He lives and works in Toronto.

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