The James Gang Advertising Inc. spins off new company, Nerdheaven Ltd., to develop original games for converging media

About Nerdheaven Ltd.

Nerdheaven Ltd. is a privately held company based in Toronto, Canada. The company is developing original games which integrate multi-player communication, entertainment, advertising, and market research capability across converging media including the web, wireless, voice, and television networks. The games will be available for licensing around the world.

Office-Politics - "the game everyone plays".

Office-Politics is a "gameshow contest" and marketing product designed for converging media. At full commercial launch, Office-Politics will be playable on wireless, voice web, web and digital TV.

From the player's perspective Office-Politics is wicked fun. The players engage in intense social interaction, compete for prizes, and laugh (or squirm) at the twisted social commentary.

From a marketer's perspective the game is a sophisticated vehicle which delivers demographic information, psychographic profiles and advertising impressions. It helps advertisers build stronger relationships with their customers.

Bill James, Game Architect said, "Office-Politics will appeal to everyone who wants a psychological, strategic and social online experience. It's not thumb-candy for hard-core gamers, it's brain-candy for everyone."

The game is a self-organizing system designed to promote player-to-player communication and produce measurable marketing results. Each player's mission is to unseat the current CEO. Vices and virtues are the currency of the game. Players are counselled to "Kiss-ass, backstab, hire and fire your way to the top."

The target audience is 18-35, male/female, P2P, casual gamers. Office-Politics is designed to take advantage of the exponential growth in peer-to-peer communications.

Who pays for Office-Politics?

Office-Politics' primary customers are content distributors and telecommunications providers. For the content distributors Office-Politics provides an integrated entertainment and marketing property which offers interactive mass-market reach, data collection and community building. For the telcos, the game delivers highly relevant and compelling content needed to generate incremental air time, reduce customer churn and differentiate their brand. Secondary customers include the advertisers and agencies who will purchase consumer data and profile information.

The Brains behind Office-Politics

Bill James, Game Architect, Co-founder, Nerdheaven Ltd.
Franke James, Creator, Co-founder, Nerdheaven Ltd.

Office-Politics is the satirical brainchild of artists Bill James and Franke James, whose hybrid talents of art, technology and marketing have attracted such notable clients as Sony Music, Roots Canada, Umbra and iVillage. The James have been at the forefront of creating entertaining content for advertising clients since 1995. They launched Roots Canada on the web in February 1996 with an interactive story project and contest entitled "Around the Campfire". In 1997 they pioneered a pseudo-psychological advergame called "The Room", for Umbra (a global houseware manufacturer). It went on to attract millions of visitors, garner international awards and achieve "hot site" status with USA Today, AOL, and Yahoo. Other examples of their work include the "Looking Glass" self-analysis beauty game (1999), the animated and twisted comedy "Control Alt Delete" (2000), and the "Love Quiz" (2001).

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