Franke James’ “Dear Office-Politics” game-book wins Axiom Book Award

Photo imposition of Axiom Award medal on Dear Office-Politics book cover
March 17, 2010 -– Toronto, Canada

Dear Office-Politics, the game everyone plays is the winner of a 2010 Axiom Business Book Award.

Franke James’ innovative game-book was awarded the Bronze Medal in the HR/Employee Training category. Dear Office-Politics is a role-playing game that encourages lively discussion of workplace issues. It helps people exercise their ethical muscles, analyze power, increase empathy, and understand why the “right” course of action is actually in their — and the company’s best interests.

jamesAuthor Franke James responded, “It’s really exciting that Axiom chose to recognize Dear Office-Politics — because it’s a radical departure from standard business books. It’s a Game and a Book — all rolled into one. It’s filled with fun, splashy, full-color graphics. It looks very entertaining. But at its core, it’s an educational, training game that sneaks up and surprises people. You can learn a lot by observing how your coworkers “explain” their ethical decisions. And gain deeper insight — and empathy — into why people behave the way they do.

“So, it’s just great fun that Axiom chose to give it an award. I’m thrilled! On behalf of all the Office-Politics advisers who have helped me in creating this book — and the many people who have written into the site since 2002, I want to thank Axiom for this award! Yeah!! It’s a special victory. Thank you!”

Axiom Award Honors the Best Business Books in North America

Axiom Award medalThe Axiom Business Book Awards are dedicated to identifying the best business books published each year for the North American market. The awards are highly competitive and attract entries from a wide range of publishers. The Axiom Awards are the only U.S.-based award contest focused solely on business books. The awards are presented by Jenkins Group Inc., a Michigan-based book publishing company that has operated the IPPY Book Awards since 1996. Sponsors also include Inc. Magazine and PR firm, Padilla Speer Beardsley.

Dear Office-Politics merges education and entertainment to teach ethics

Dear Office-Politics, the game everyone plays is the dilemma-based social game that teaches you how to play (and laugh at) office politics. Players step into the role of “Office-Politics Advisers” and offer their best, sage advice on thorny issues (drawing on the well-known fact that everyone knows what the other person should do to fix their problems!) It provides a safe way to discuss difficult workplace issues, as well as the opportunity to practice ethical decision-making and creative problem-solving. (And it gives workers the opportunity to observe how their colleagues make ethical decisions — which can be very revealing!) Continue reading “Franke James’ “Dear Office-Politics” game-book wins Axiom Book Award”