James Gang launches Whack the PM 2008

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Canada’s election is heating up. (And so is our planet.) Who will get us out of this hot water?

TORONTO, September 13, 2008 — As the October 14th Federal Election Day draws near, Canadians are in hot water trying to decide which leader to trust.

Whack the PM, an online polling game and strategic voting tool at www.whackthepm.ca, is helping Canadians address the election issues and decide who they should vote against.

Whack the PM puts the leaders of the five top parties in a simmering hot tub with tough questions about global warming, the economy, leadership, food safety, Afghanistan, minority governments and the kicker — “All politicians are liars. Why should I trust you?”

With each question, voters respond by whacking the candidate who has the most irritating answer on the head. Using this visceral and interactive process, voters determine which leader is most deserving of their distrust.

“We don’t play favorites. We make fun of all the candidates,” says Franke James, the site co-creator and co-founder of The James Gang, a social media and creative content company. “The Canadian electorate is facing some big decisions. Will the economy trump the environment? Is a carbon tax necessary to punish polluters? If Stephen Harper wins a majority how will that change the face of Canada? Which leader can we trust? With Whack the PM we’re allowing average Canadians to vent, and helping them decide who they should vote against.”

At the time of this release, Stephen Harper is being whacked most often, and leads the straw poll as Canada’s most detested politician. See the current stats at: www.whackthepm.ca/stats_show.php.

Whack the PM offers strategic voting advice on a riding-by-riding basis. It has been designed to select the candidate who has the best chance of defeating your detested leader in your riding. For example, if you want to defeat the Liberals, you may be advised to vote for the NDP, the Tories, or whichever candidate has the best chance to defeat them. It helps voters make the most effective and strategic use of their votes.

About The James Gang

The James Gang creates entertaining and educational content for both traditional and new media. Entertainment projects include My Green Conscience, Verbotomy: the create-a-word game, and Office-Politics. The James Gang is a privately held company based in Toronto. For more information visit: www.jamesgang.com.

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For Information:
Franke James, The James Gang
Tel: 416·256·9166
Email: franke@jamesgang.com

Franke James: Paradise Unpaved

illustration by franke james of green driveway and garden

illustration by franke james of neighbor in yellow shirt
illustration by franke james of news story
photos and illustrations by franke james of weights, lightbulb, footprint, suv
photo and illustration by franke james of flowers and suv
 illustration by franke james of city official

 Alice in wonderland illustration by franke james; inspired by John Tenniel

 record of media coverage by franke james

permit process by franke james

bobcat and dirt photos by franke james

workers photo by franke and bill james

workers photo by franke and bill james

before photo by franke james of permaturf green driveway

planting photo by franke james

planting photos, top by lucas oleniuk licensed from the toronto star, bottom by bill james

after photo by franke james of permaturf green driveway

garden photo by franke james

 garden photo by franke james

illustration by franke james

illustration by franke james

calculation of runoff on interlock versus green driveway by franke james


Paradise Unpaved © 2008, Franke James, MFA
Photographs, illustrations and writing by Franke James, MFA except where noted.
Alice in Wonderland drawing by Franke James, was inspired by illustrator John Tenniel’s 1865 drawing, “She was now more than nine feet high!”
Franke James with shovel photo by Michael Stuparyk, Toronto Star, under license from Torstar
Seeding Photo of Franke James by Lucas Oleniuk, Toronto Star, under license from Torstar
Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell, excerpt of lyrics.

Many thanks to Joan Chadde, author of Understanding the Ecological Impacts of Changing Land Uses published in the Spring 2008 issue of Green Teacher, and her colleague Dr. Alex Mayer, a hydrologist in the Department of Geological and Mining Engineering & Sciences at Michigan Technological University, for their kind assistance with the stormwater calculations.

Articles and Media:

The Green Driveway Articles detail the building of our green driveway step-by-step, including the materials used.
Eco-friendly driveway is rejected by the city Paul Moloney, Toronto Star, May 5, 2007
Interview by Melissa Grelo, CITY TV, May 6, 2007
Don’t Rip Up Your Driveway in North York, Lloyd Alter, Treehugger.com, May 8, 2007


Stormwater Runoff: Understanding the Ecological Impacts of Changing Land Uses by Joan Chadde, Michigan Technological University, Green Teacher Magazine Issue Spring 2008

Toronto Homeowner’s Guide to Rainfall: Riversides 2008 report: Urban Runoff Excellent backgrounder on stormwater runoff and the economic cost of it to the city.

Riversides 2008 Toronto Workshops5 Things You Can Do

Reports referenced by Franke James to City Official
City of Toronto 2005: Transportation Report on Wet Weather Flow
City of Toronto 2005: Impacts of Front Yard Parking on Wet Weather Flow