Verbotomy launches on “b”, Baltimore’s free daily newspaper

Verbotomy: Are you stuck for a word? Play Verbotomy at b.

Verbotomy, the daily create-a-word game is launching at b, Baltimore’s free daily newspaper. The game has been completely integrated into b’s website ( using the paper’s existing log-in system. Each day, b readers are challenged to invent a word to match the new definition, and vote for their favorites. Winning word of the day is published in the print edition.

The launch with the b is being promoted with the release of a new Verbotomy “movie trailer”, titled “Are you stuck for a Word?” The video features invented words created by (or for) Dan Pink (Johnny Bunko), Amy Sutherland, Kurt Vonnegut and Britney Spears — artists and writers who have all been featured on Verbotomy. The video is also a “call to action”, urging everyone to invent new words “to describe the incredibly weird things that are happening today”. And to do it, not just for themselves, but “for the whole frigging planet!”

See and share the video here:

How Verbotomy Works
Verbotomy works like a three-way cross between a puzzle, comic and blog. Every day we would publish a new definition and comic. Readers are challenged to create an invented word to match the definition, and vote for their favorite. The winning word of the day gets featured with the comic in the print edition.

Here are sample print pages from the first week:

Verbotomy in b
July 22 PDF

Benefits for b:

  1. Integrated Cross-Platform Entertainment: Daily content for web and print editions.
  2. Hilarious User-Generated Content: It’s a showcase for reader creativity and cleverness.
  3. A Social Networking Game: Voting, sharing, groups, and something to talk about every day.
  4. Right-Brain Exercise: Verbotomy is good for you! It’s the daily brain exercise that keeps your creative mind sharp — like Sudoku for your imagination.
  5. Snack Culture: Daily easy-to-digest content fix.

Verbotomy is Easy

  • Easy-to-understand game concept (Invent a word to match the definition and comic.)
  • Easy to manage content and users (Daily content fix which encourages short, funny and focused, user-generated content.)
  • Easy technical set-up (Integrated int site using the same technology as Google Gadgets. Produces daily print-ready PDFs sized to fit publisher print specifications.)

For more details see the Verbotomy Publisher’s Overview

About Verbotomy
Verbotomy is the create-a-word game and comic. Every day we publish a new definition and comic. Players are challenged to create a word to match the definition, and then vote for the best. It’s creative, satirical and quirky, so it’s usually good for a laugh… And as a creative brain exercise, it’s also good for you!

Newspaper publishers use Verbotomy as a tool to build local communities and showcase cross-platform, user-generated content. The game works like a three-way cross between a puzzle, a comic and a blog and can be easily integrated into the publishers site. The online game produces daily batches of short, funny, localized, user-generated content — the winning word of the day and comic — which get published in the print editions.

About “b”
b is the new Baltimore free daily newspaper and website for people in their 20s and 30s. With its companion newspaper, b, the site is an ongoing conversation among our reporters, bloggers and readers, to provide the most complete picture of what’s going on in the area. See :

Johnny Bunko plays Verbotomy with Dan Pink

News on The James Gang’s create-a-word game

We spent a week at Verbotomy playing with Dan Pink’s Johnny Bunko and the Six Career Secrets that no one ever told you. It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot! Like the fact that there is no plan! And that in the long run, persistence trumps talent…

And naturally we created a gaggle of funny words to describe the things we should, and the things we shouldn’t do, acccording to the Johnny Bunko Lessons. At the end of the week Petaj and Arrrteest snagged the top spots and each of them won an autographed copy of Dan’s book.

You can check all the words we created by clicking on the links and definitions below. And if you want, you can still play with Johnny. You can create a word and vote for your favorites. So give it a try! Maybe you’ll invent a word to describe your next big career move!

Thanks again to Dan Pink.

Be creative,


Lesson #1: There is no plan.

See: Do you think I should stick to the plan?

Do you think I should stick to the plan?

DEFINITION: v. To stick to your plan even though you’ve realized it’s dumb n. A stupid plan, especially if it’s a career plan suggested by parents, teachers or guidance counselors who want you to be something that you’re not.

Create a Word | Top Words | Vote for Favorites

Lesson #2: Think strengths, not weaknesses.

See: The boss says I’m fast-tracking…

The boss says I'm fast-tracking...

DEFINITION: v. To focus on your weaknesses, rather than your strengths. n. A person who is obsessed with their perceived deficiencies, and works hard to ensure that everyone else understands and appreciates their failings.

Create a Word | Top Words | Vote for Favorites

Lesson #3: It’s not about you.

See: There is no “U” in “Team”

There's no

DEFINITION: v. To temporarily suppress your own need for self-aggrandizement. n. A team member who works very hard to share their responsibilities and workload, but in the end always tries to claim exclusive credit for any work done.

Create a Word | Top Words | Vote for Favorites

Lesson #4: Persistence trumps talent.

See: Find your inner cockroach

It's time to find your inner cockroach

DEFINITION: n. A person who succeeds not because of their talents, but because they just won’t quit. v. To firmly believe in your talents and never give up on your goals, despite the huge obstacles, snide comments, and repeated setbacks.

Create a Word | Top Words | Vote for Favorites

Lesson #5: Make excellent mistakes.

See: I just asked the boss to date me

I just asked the boss if she'd date me...

DEFINITION: v. To make a mistake from which the benefits of what you learned exceed the costs of the screw-up. n. An excellent mistake.

Create a Word | Top Words | Vote for Favorites

Lesson #6: Leave an imprint.

See: What are you doing to the cubicles?

What are doing to the cubicles!?

DEFINITION: v. To create an impression that you have made a positive contribution, especially when related to career activities. n. A personal mark or imprint which proves that you have done something that matters.

Create a Word | Top Words | Vote for Favorites

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