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Surf's up at Roots campsite

TORONTO, February, 1996 -- Tree filled vistas of Algonquin Park...Roots co-founders Don Green and Michael Budman bobbing in the waters of Smoke Lake...campfires flickering...loons calling and the dulcet sounds of canoe paddles dipping into water.

for full story see: Surf's up at Roots campsite
You'll find these and other definitively Canadian wired sights and sounds at Roots Campsite on the internet.

Launched early in January 1996, Roots Campsite will feature a 12 month calendar of virtual events starting with the Roots Campsite Relay. From Monday February 19th 12:01 AM to Sunday March 10th 11:59 PM, the first 1,000 Canadians to "tell their story" around the campfire will receive a Roots Virtual Campfire "T".

Roots launches their Campsite with a new collection of Roots computer accessories - a leather mouse pad that's aptly named the Beaver Pad, and a Roots' Genuine leather laptop bag.

Other net-worthy sites, sounds and information to discover at Roots Campsite include:

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