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Stella Artois Case Study

Raise a Glass of Stella

Challenge: Turn ordinary Canadian beer drinkers into “beer connoisseurs”

The global marketing of Stella Artois, Belgium’s Premium Beer, is focused on educating beer drinkers, and turning them into beer connoisseurs who appreciate the extra care, quality and tradition that goes into the brewing of Stella Artois. With the success of the initial Canadian launch of Stella Artois in 2002, Labatt wanted a vehicle to engage regular beer drinkers. The objective was not only to get these consumers to “switch up” from their existing beer, but also to create strong and vocal advocates for the Stella Artois brand.

Solution: Make Stella Artois part of the Game

The Stella Artois message was integrated into the Office-Politics Game in a three-part promotional strategy which used interactive branding, an online contest, and exposure in traditional media. We integrated Stella Artois branding messages into the Office-Politics game in several innovative ways. We created the “White Knight” Power Card which gave players special powers (thanks to Stella Artois). We also created a “Beer Facts” quiz which gave players a daily opportunity to earn extra points. Stella Artois provided prizing for the winners of the monthly Office-Politics CEO contest, and was featured prominently in offline promotions and publicity.

Results: “Exceeded our expectations”

“Office Politics online program turned out to be a great way to communicate with white collar, affluent, internet savvy consumers in a fun and engaging way. The James Gang really went above and beyond in developing unique touch points for Stella Artois within the site and closely monitoring how the Office Politics users interacted with the brand throughout the life of the program.

“The Office Politics program offered us a rare glimpse into the real time, unprompted conversations consumers were having online about our product and its advertising. Not only were we an advertiser but our brand became an integrated part of their online experience, a regular mention in their dialogue and a facilitator of offline social interaction between users.

“The James Gang are clearly passionate and enthusiastic about their work. Their professionalism in managing everything from set-up, ongoing communication and final reporting, exceeded our expectations and made it very easy for us to be involved in the program. We would welcome the opportunity to work with The James Gang again.”

Rebecca Shropshire, Media Manager,
Labatt Breweries of Canada

During the Stella Artois’ sponsorship, Office-Politics’ site registered a total of 2.2 million page views. Approximately 60% of these page views featured the Stella Artois logo or messaging. 16% of the 30,000 posts in the Office Pub make specific reference to Stella Artois by name. Virtually all of the comments were positive endorsements of Stella Artois. They also reflected the specific information presented in the Stella Artois “education” campaign. In the minds of Office-Politics players, Stella Artois became truly synonymous with friends, fun, relaxation and good taste.

Player comment: Rex – Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2002 6:30 pm
I just met my newest favorite Gal. She's blonde, light, tastes delicious with plenty of body and a fine head on her shoulders... her name…Stella. Good beer folks... have one if you have not yet, and if you have, well, have another

Player comment: want whats best – Posted: Thu Jan 30, 2003 8:56 am
mmmm mmmmm !!This Stella sure is Good. Here you go Bratt {handing Bratt a full Stella Chalice Glass} try it... you'll love it!!!

Stella Artois also benefited from the Office-Politics publicity campaign which exceeded all expectations, bringing news of Office-Politics to more than 4.3 million people across Canada and around the world including eight print articles, 26 television broadcasts and over ten online articles and profiles.

Every day players voted on a new interactive cartoon
with the chance to win prizes from Stella Artois.


Stella Artois

“The James Gang really went above and beyond in developing unique touch points for Stella Artois... closely monitoring how users interacted with the brand”

Rebecca Shropshire,
Labatt Breweries of Canada