Is it right to cut trees?

“Who cares about the Forest?” is the question I explore in my creative personal story for FSC Canada.

Do you ever feel guilty when you use paper towels? Do you ever think about trees being cut down to make envelopes? Do you ever wonder, “is it really right to cut trees?”

I did. I went into the Boreal Forest in search of the answer: “Who cares about the Forest?”

Watch the video above. (And you can also read it as a visual essay.)

Special thanks to Monte Hummel, WWF-Canada, Chief Harry St. Denis, Wolf Lake First Nations, Chris McDonell, Tembec, Nicolas Lecomte, SmartWood, Richard Brooks, Greenpeace Canada for appearing in the video story, and showing me who cares for the forest! And to Maia Becker at FSC Canada, for sponsoring the story!


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