Whack the PM 2006

whack the pm screen shot

Canadians are just 11 days away from a Federal election that could dramatically alter the political landscape here (and its relationship with the U.S.). We’ve created an online polling game to let people vent their seething anger and frustration at politicians. It’s called Whack the PM and it’s a sequel to our 2004 whack attack.

Some of the hot-button issues are new: the need for change, lack of women candidates, gun play and — if you are to believe the Liberal attack ads — the Conservatives putting soldiers in the streets! And some are a tired replay of 2004 — trust, scandals and broken promises.


The campaign has been volatile with the Liberals and Conservatives in a see-saw battle… Since the Conservatives appear to have gained a 10 point lead in the polls, the Liberals have launched over-the-top attack ads. In our role as political satirists, it’s all grist for the mill — we make fun of everyone.

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