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National Post January 21, 2006

Unscientific surveys indicate Conservative win

“Arguably the most fun un-scientific election prognosticator is the Web site “Whack the PM!” run by the James Gang, a Toronto advertising agency, along the lines of the Whack-a-Mole midway game. Web surfers click their mouse to mallet the head of the party leader whose response to specific issues most repels them.

By yesterday, of the leaders of the four major parties, Prime Minister Paul Martin had been whacked 34% of the time, Stephen Harper 24%, Gilles Duceppe 16% and Jack Layton 14%. Jim Harris of the Green party was whacked 12% of the time. The gap between the two frontrunners was far wider earlier this week, said Franke James of the agency. “It shows this is a close race,” she said. “I think people are getting a bit more nervous about Harper.”

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