Whack the PM! – Are Canadians ready to trust Stephen Harper?

TORONTO, Jan. 12 /CNW/ – As yet another Federal Election Day draws near the burning question is “Are Canadians ready to trust Stephen Harper?” Whack the PM, an online poll and strategic voting tool at www.whackthepm.ca, is helping Canadians address election issues, including trust, and gives them strategic voting advice on a riding-by-riding basis.

“All the candidates are getting whacked. But currently Stephen Harper is getting whacked the most. Does this reveal that Canadians are unwilling to trust him or that he is actually going to be the next Prime Minister and this is just a warm-up to getting whacked daily?,” says Franke James, Whack creator and co-founder, The James Gang Advertising and Design.

The James Gang designed the online poll and voting tool as a sequel to their 2004 Whack the PM poll that drew over 33,000 people. Whack the PM puts the leaders of the five top parties on the hot seat with tough questions. Some of the hot-button issues ‘New’ for 2006 are: Canada’s need for change, lack of women candidates and gun play in the streets. And some are a sorry replay of 2004 — trust, scandals and broken promises.

Based on actual statements made by the candidates, the answers have been satirically enhanced to ward off election-campaign apathy. With each question, voters respond by whacking the candidate with the most irritating answer on the head. Using this visceral and interactive process, voters determine which leader is most deserving of their distrust.

At the time of this release, Stephen Harper is being whacked most often, and leads the straw poll as Canada’s most despised politician. Paul Martin follows as a close second. But it’s a seesaw battle that is changing constantly! See the current stats at: www.whackthepm.ca/stats_show.php.

Whack the PM also offers strategic voting advice on a riding-by-riding basis. It is based on an analysis of voter’s desired outcomes, the predicted 2006 finishing positions in each riding, and the actual 2004 Federal Election results in each riding. This strategic feature has been designed to help voters make the most effective use of their votes, so that the ballots they cast in their individual ridings can ultimately lead to the defeat of a national leader.

About The James Gang
Founded in 1989, The James Gang creates entertaining content for both traditional and new media in both the profit and non-profit sectors. Entertainment projects include www.whackthemayor.ca, and www.officepolitics.com,. The James Gang is a privately held company based in Toronto.

For further information: Franke James, The James Gang,
franke@jamesgang.com, (416) 256-9166

Whack the PM 2006

whack the pm screen shot

Canadians are just 11 days away from a Federal election that could dramatically alter the political landscape here (and its relationship with the U.S.). We’ve created an online polling game to let people vent their seething anger and frustration at politicians. It’s called Whack the PM and it’s a sequel to our 2004 whack attack.

Some of the hot-button issues are new: the need for change, lack of women candidates, gun play and — if you are to believe the Liberal attack ads — the Conservatives putting soldiers in the streets! And some are a tired replay of 2004 — trust, scandals and broken promises.


The campaign has been volatile with the Liberals and Conservatives in a see-saw battle… Since the Conservatives appear to have gained a 10 point lead in the polls, the Liberals have launched over-the-top attack ads. In our role as political satirists, it’s all grist for the mill — we make fun of everyone.