Twitter satire captures the craze

ross hill tweeted to me (and 1266 other followers): “Are you a TWITTER WHORE?”

Well, I certainly don’t want to be a Twitter Whore… so I clicked on it (purely for investigative reasons).

There have been 1,246 comments on the Twitter Whore video made by lisa nova

franke james tweeted thnx back to ross hill

“Excellent and funny video. Great satire of Twitter experience. Thnx for pointing me to it.”

But ultimately the send-up is scary for newbies. It presents the stereotype of what many believe the Twitter experience to be. If this is what Twitter was about, I wouldn’t be tapping into it. (But it is a funny parody.)

Is Twitter really just about the picayune details of other people’s lives? Is it just a voyeuristic thrill — like peeking in someone’s diary?

For me it’s the opportunity to feel the rhythm and texture of other people’s daily existence. We communicate who we are through the revelation of the things we ‘say’ we think about, the things we do, and the stuff we show to others as ‘cool’ and ‘neat’. Twitter helps me tune in to creative, environmental, and leading-edge thinkers. See my earlier post on my Twitter experience “What on earth is everyone twittering about?”

Twitter could be a sociologist’s (and definitely a marketer’s) wet dream… I hope the people who stumble onto Twitter Whore understand that this is a silly satire created to promote its creator. It gives a distorted, inane view of what Twitter is about.

Maybe Twitter Corporation’s brand police should ban the Twitter Whore?

Now about this Friendfeed thingy that lamarguerite pulled me into… Friendfeed is following me everywhere! I’m getting the power of social media. But I changed my picture to throw them off the track. franke james

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